Thank you for choosing SKI TRAB. All skis marked with the brand “made in Bormio” are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 3 years. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the skis. Don’t forget to register your skis at our website. If a manufacturing fault is found, the skis can be replaced or repaired at SKI TRAB’s discretion. In any case, perfect functioning will be ensured. The warranty does not cover damage to the skis caused by strong impacts due to improper use or falls, damage to the skis resulting from contacts with stones, rocks or any surfaces other than snow, abrasions, cracks/cuts and fraying of the surface or the sidewalls as well as of the tips and tails of the skis. This warranty doesn’t also cover damage caused by water infiltration due to abrasions on the sidewall or unsealed ski-binding holes, fading of the graphics, damage resulting from improper mounting or mounting of ski-binding with inappropriate screws or ski-bindings tearing the surface of the skis because not in compliance with Standards..