Arno Lietha

Auto Presentation

"Born in the Mountains in the east of Switzerland, my passion when I was young was alpine skiing, until at 16 decided to change to Skimountaineering. Now I am in the education to an Polymechanic. As a Cadett I was Worldchampion in the Sprint from verbier


I love it to do Skimo, but also I like biking and cycling in the summer. When i am not doing sports, I like to play the Drums. I play in a little Band with five friends. I also like farming, because we have a little Farm at home and thats a cool training in summer.

Incoming Projects

My goals are to race some good results in the Worldcup and reach a good position in the overall Worldcup. My other BIG goal is the PDG!

Outout Of Seasons Training

In summer I do biking and cycling, because i do not like running very much. For the fast trainings I do also some races. In the later summer I also do some Skiroll.


World Cup 70 with the Titan releas WC is what I love to race on. For the races I use the GARA Helmet, because it has the double certification for the ISMF competitions. In the training I use the same skis, it is so much fun to downhill on these skinni skis.

Automain Results

As a Junior I am Worldchampion in Relay, and Vice-Worldchampion in Sprint last Winter, I have won the Pierra Menta in 2015, in 2016 I was third and this year I was second."